PTTEP ED offers scholarships Southern area

Bangkok, PTTEP ED offers scholarships to the children of 44 fishermen associations in the southern region and 11 schools around the Songkhla Petroleum Development Support Base. Mr. Thiti Preeyanurak, Senior Manager The Petroleum Development Support Base Department of PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited or PTTEP revealed that the Songkhla Petroleum Development Support Base has brought in budget from the company. PTTEP Energy Development Company Limited or PTTEP ED as the operator of the petroleum exploration and production project in the Gulf of Thailand area. Come create a PTTEP ED scholarship project to support, promote and increase educational opportunities. Build morale for fishermen's children and youth and help relieve the burden on parents in the operating area. By giving scholarships to commercial fishing associations in the operating area. Fisheries Association of Thailand School and community as well as government agencies in the area surrounding the Songkhla Provincial Petroleum Development Support Base. which is the main logistics base for continuous exploration and production of petroleum in the Gulf of Thailand area. In the year 2023, scholarships were delivered through fishing associations in the operational areas of the G1 Project (G1/61) and the G2 Project (G2/61), a total of 44 associations, to be allocated to students in their families. Membership of the association totals 1.6 million baht. In addition, undergraduate scholarships are given to the Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University. To deliver 400,000 baht to fishermen's children pursuing bachelor's degrees and 400,000 baht to scholarships for other universities by agencies that receive scholarships and various universities. Have freedom to consider and manage the number of students who will receive scholarships as appropriate. Th. for various schools In the operational area, PTTEP ED has provided scholarships totaling 812,000 baht to 11 schools in Singhanakhon District, including Wat Prem Sattha School. Ban Khao Daeng School Wat Sathit Chonlathan School Wat Loka School Wat Thammakos School Wat Bo Sap School Ban Hua Khao School, Wat Bo Pap School Wat Ta Luang Kong School Songkhla Wittayakhom School and Singhanakhon Municipal School 1 (Ban Yang Ngam), as well as 3 communities around the Songkhla Petroleum Development Support Base, namely Ban Talae Nok Community, Village No. 1, Hua Khao Subdistrict, Singhanakhon District, Songkhla Province, Ban Nok Pa Community - Singha Police Station. Nakhon Village No. 5, Sathing Mo Subdistrict, Singhanakhon District, Songkhla Province and Ban Na Mueang Community, Village No. 6, Sathing Mo Subdistrict, Singhanakhon District, Songkhla Province. In addition, scholarships were given to the children of navy officers. It belongs to the 2nd Naval Region and Songkhla Naval Base. Singhanakhon District civil servants Singhanakhon Municipality Singhanakhon Provincial Police Station and the Songkhla Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office. Such scholarship program It is a social project at PTTEP Energy Company. Development Company Limited or PTTEP ED operates according to the guidelines of the head office. That focuses on 4 areas of social projects to promote sustainable development, including projects that respond to the needs of communities and society in the areas of quality of life, education, environment and culture. In addition, they are ready to support relevant agencies. In helping the people In the event of various emergency disasters in the area at full capacity.

Source: Thai News Agency

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