Ready to move forward Tap water is drinkable in every area.

Bangkok: "Anutin" Minister of Interior reveals he is ready to move forward. Tap water is drinkable. After the budget passed the House of Representatives Confirmed to do every area in the country. Asking all sectors to support Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior spoke about the implementation of the drinking water policy. Which is one of the important policies of the Ministry of Interior that is currently being implemented in stages. Readiness is already there. A review committee already exists. The budget is about to be passed by the House of Representatives. If the components are complete, the policy can be driven forward. Mr. Anutin said that in the area where the operation will begin, If it can be done, it must be done in every area. Because people live everywhere in the same way. This does not require an example model. The people's access to clean drinking water We can deliver to every area. and must receive cooperation from various areas as well, whether it be a province local administrative organization We must help support each other. As for the drought problem that occurs every year, Mr. Anutin said that it is a problem that occurs every year. We are always prepared to deal with it. There is no problem. Source: Thai News Agency

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