Request the court to order a brake on the conversion ALRO overlapping parks-world heritage sites

Administrative Court "Sonthiya" petitions the Administrative Court to order a brake on converting the ALRO into a title deed for agriculture in the area overlapping the park-World Heritage Site. Mr. Sonthiya Sawadee, former advisor to the Legal Commission House of Representatives Traveled to file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. To the Central Administrative Court In the case of the Agricultural Land Reform Office (A.L.C.), allocating 1.6 million rai of A.L.K. 4-01 land into agricultural title deeds for farmers to use as collateral with financial institutions. Overlapping with the national park area Therefore, he asked the court to impose temporary protection measures. By ordering the suspension of such operations of the office. ALRO until there is proof of overlapping areas between ALRO land and the areas of 142 national parks and 7 World Heritage areas throughout the country. Until there is a clear legal conclusion As for areas outside the overlapping area, operations will c ontinue according to normal government policy. 'Coming to complain, I do not object to the distribution of S.P.K. 4-01 to issue green garuda title deeds for agriculture. But they want the case of overlapping national parks, of which there are 142 throughout the country, to be stopped for the time being. But in other areas, approximately 1.6 million rai, the government has taken action without any problems. It will be degraded forest land like Mr. Thanathorn's land. Therefore, Rungruangkit Chairman of the Progress Committee currently available They were able to distribute 50-100 rai to the people. They had to come and demand like this because I was afraid because I encountered it myself in Nakhon Si Thammarat. And there were complaints especially in Kiriwong District, which is the best ozone area in Thailand. There's a problem. or only in Nakhon Ratchasima The same place is overlapping to the point where we don't know what it will be like. Therefore, it is seen that if you really want it to be completely clea n in the park area must be temporarily stopped. Then let's examine each other clearly first,' Mr. Sonthiya said. Source: Thai News Agency

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