SET source : ‘Stock Exchange’ : Secondary market that helps support National Wealth

The SET acts as a secondary market, helping to support National Wealth. The market cap of the Thai stock market has risen to 18.7 trillion baht, almost doubling in the past 10 years, from an increase in listed companies to 886 service business companies. - Technology grows the most

SET source published an article titled “ 'Stock Exchange': The secondary market that helps support National Wealth, stating that the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is part of the capital market ecosystem (Capital Market), with the main role of SET. It is a source of fundraising. It is a source of financial tools for entrepreneurs. and is a source of increasing wealth for investors

Mr. Manphong Senanarong, Deputy Manager, Head of Securities Issuer Division The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) said while being a speaker in the training program on the Thai capital market that The Thai capital market has provided a mechanism to create economic and social stability for Thailand for a long time. and is a link between the Demand Side, which consists of various types of investors, and the Supply Side, which is listed companies. and entrepreneurs interested in various registrations In the structure of the Thai capital market, There will be both a stock market and a bond market, both of which are under the supervision of the SEC Office, which receives regulatory authority from the government. And in the stock market itself there are various agencies. is an element

Since its establishment until the present Stock Exchange It plays the role of an important secondary market in Thailand. and can create continuous growth. In the past 10 years (2013-2023), the market cap of the Stock Exchange It has grown to 18.7 trillion baht, compared to 2013 when the market cap was 11.6 trillion baht. The main cause of the growth came from the number of listed companies (Ltd.) increasing to 886 companies from 2013. There are 615 listed companies and the growth of each listed company. From statistics, it is found that service and technology businesses are the businesses that have grown the most in the past 10 years, which is in line with the growth of global business trends.

In its role as an important secondary market of that country Stock Exchange You yourself must develop and create growth for the organization. To increase the ability to compete with stock exchange organizations around the world. If compared with outstanding stock markets in the region It will be found that every stock exchange has adjusted itself to support the needs of the capital market in that country. Both the demand side and the supply side, such as the KRX stock exchange, which is the first stock exchange in the region to have Carbon Credit Exchange and aims to attract new businesses. Listed on China's stock exchange Recently, a new trading board (Platform) was set up called SSE Star Market specifically for SME businesses. Including the Indonesian Stock Exchange which has developed interesting growth. and most prominent in the Asian region

In addition, we continue to focus on developing the supply side. Especially qualitative development Through supervision and consultation to ensure that the listed companies have standards in business structure. Accounting Information disclosure and corporate governance. At the same time, the Stock Exchange We have developed the Demand Side or the investor side. By providing investment knowledge Help track and watch out. Along with sending warning signals to investors in the event that there may be problems with their investment which may cause damage to the investors themselves.

Mr. Manphong added that He also added that IPO stocks are often the first door that draws investors into the stock market. However, any company becoming a listed company must go through a restructuring process. Having been supervised and inspected by both the SEC and the Stock Exchange of Thailand, it is not a guarantee that the company or that stock It is a quality stock. Or is it a stock that generates returns for investors as expected? Limited companies also have duties related to stakeholders in the capital market, including investors, analysts, the Stock Exchange and the SEC Office, especially in the matter of disclosing information in accordance with the SEC Office and the Stock Exchange. , etc., while also maintaining the pace of business growth.

“For investors themselves, it is important to find knowledge and understand investing. Analysis of various information disclosed by the company is also very important. Investors must know how we invest in a stock with the expectation of return. How likely is it? You must know and understand the Growth Story of that stock as well. As for notifications from the stock exchange That is to be careful with trading. Viewed as a reasonable tool In order to upgrade the regulatory tools of the Stock Exchange, if we do it, we must consider the appropriateness of other stakeholders as well,” Mr. Manpong said.

Source: Thai News Agency