Settha confirms that she has not adjusted the Cabinet yet. Please do not make the minister sway.

Ban Chan Song La, "Seththa" insists that she has not adjusted the Cabinet yet. Please do not make the minister sway, saying that it is better to move forward with work rather than lobbying. You'll know when you adjust. Deny sat together with the defense, pointing out that they were close but didn't have to be commanders. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, spoke about the news of the adjustment. The Cabinet says there is still no I myself did not say that there was an adjustment. Let's talk among ourselves. However, it will have to be adjusted one day. And if you adjust it, you'll know for sure. Don't sway the minister whose name came out just yet. I think it's better to speed up work. Because every day is precious Instead of having to lobby to find this person. By confirming that he met Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister. Talk about ordinary civic problems such as corn, forest burning, and cleanliness of the country. and the situation in Myanmar When asked whether or not he would have to clear things up with the ministers on the list, Mr. Settha said, 'Not clear, I am not the one who wrote it. It's not clear yet.' The reporter then reiterated that he wanted everyone to work hard, right? Mr. Settha said that he had been saying it all along for the past month that there was news about the Cabinet reshuffle. The best immunity is work. Proper work is carried out according to government policy. Each ministry has a flagship policy. Everyone already knows what needs to be done. As for the coalition parties that want to reshuffle the Cabinet, they haven't sent any signals yet. He already knows It's his right. If you want to adjust I probably wouldn't call and ask who I would like to adjust. For example, the Palang Pracharath Party still has one seat left. By the news that he will sit in the chair of Minister of Defense, I don't know. It is probably because he is visiting soldiers. and have a personal close relationship with the commander of the armed forces, able to hold each other's ears and talk It is a lready considered a duty. He himself is the Prime Minister and has asked for help in taking care of the border issue. The people's arable areas responded well. It is not necessary to be a direct supervisor. or the Minister of Defense Because the military and security institutions are professional and disciplined, if the Prime Minister requests appropriate and correct matters, Everyone is ready to do it. It is not something to talk about or imagine what it must be like. 'I talked with the Minister of Commerce. Permanent Secretary or Director-General in the Ministry of Commerce Why didn't you say that I would become Minister of Commerce? Because it is our duty to talk to each other. There is no meaning,' Mr. Settha concluded. Source: Thai News Agency