‘SINGTEL80’ began trading on the first day, with active bookings.

Bangkok, The Stock Exchange accepts DR 'SINGTEL80', a new Singaporean Thai stock. The first day of trading began today (April 1). The market price per share rose to stand at 7 baht +0.86 %. Dr. Phakorn Peetachawatchai, Director and Manager of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), said after the opening ceremony of trading of "SINGTEL80", a foreign securities rights instrument (Depositary Receipt or DR) that refers to shares of Singapore Telecommunications Limited, the provider. Singapore's major telecommunications infrastructure services Issued by Krung Thai Bank that began trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand From 1 April onwards. DR 'SINGTEL80' refers to common stocks of Singapore Telecommunications Limited, a major telecommunications infrastructure provider in Singapore. and covers countries in the ASEAN group There is also a digital infrastructure business that provides 5G network and data center services by DR 'SINGTEL80' which will begin trading on the stock exchange. From today onwards, the sai d DR is part of the project cooperation. 'Thailand-Singapore DR Linkage' between the Thai and Singapore stock exchanges 'Foreign Securities Deeds or DRs are an alternative to investing in foreign securities through the Thai Stock Exchange. that has received increasing interest continuously At present, DR has a total market capitalization of over 20 billion baht, an increase from the end of the previous year. which is approximately 10.6 billion baht, or an increase of more than 25%. The average daily trading value of DR is currently approximately 170 million baht, an increase from the previous year at 130 million baht, or an increase of more than 30% Currently, there are a total of 23 registered DR securities, which refer to both individual stocks and ETFs in Asia, Europe and America, and today marks another important step for the stock exchange. to welcome SINGTEL80, the 24th DR based on SINGAPORE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED shares, the largest telecommunications infrastructure provider in Singapore. Issued b y Krung Thai Bank and is under a collaborative project Thailand-Singapore DR Linkage and as soon as 'SINGTEL80' trading opened in the morning, the price per share rose to stand at 7 baht +0.86 %,' Dr. Phakorn said. However, DR is an instrument in which investors have the opportunity to receive benefits similar to holding foreign securities. Investors can trade through their brokerage account with baht. Those interested in studying the details of DR 'SINGTEL80' can visit the SEC Office website www.sec.or.th. or the securities issuing company is Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited www.krungthai.com Or learn more about DR products at www.setinvestnow.com/th/dr Ms. Nalin Viriyasathien, Senior Deputy Managing Director Investment Banking Department of Maybank Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited said on behalf of Maybank Securities Thailand Public Company Limited, as the sole underwriter and underwriter, today announced new foreign securities rights instruments from the Singapore Stock Exchange of Sing apore Telecommunications Limited or DR of SINGTEL80 securities for trading. on the Stock Exchange of Thailand for the first day To open up foreign investment options for Thai investors to invest in stocks. Singapore has high potential The recent IPO has received great interest from investors. Singtel is a stock with good fundamentals that has interesting investment highlights. It has a large market cap, being in the top 5 of the Singapore Stock Exchange. The company is the largest integrated telecommunications operator in Singapore and a leader in communications technology in ASEAN region In addition, SINGTEL has diversified its income through investments in various countries in Yesia. One of them includes AIS, the leader in telecommunications in Thailand. In addition, SINGTEL has increased its capabilities through investments in various businesses, such as wireless telephone network business. Cloud business, IOTs business, and television services (Singtel TV) and most importantly, SINGTEL's business base wi ll also benefit from the future megatrend that is growing. For example, ICT Services, Digital Marketing, and Digital Economy by SINGTEL can expand The business has long-term potential in the future. SINGTEL80 securities will add quality overseas investment options for investors. Help strengthen the investment environment in the Thai stock market and hope that DR will be a tool that helps all Thai investors to diversify their investments abroad easily, conveniently, and efficiently. Mr. Wasu Mattapochanart, Deputy Assistant Managing Director, Research Department, Maybank Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited, said that "SINGTEL80" stocks will be communications stocks that will be well received by investors. It is a stock with good and strong fundamentals. Because if you look at the overall picture, when global stock trading fluctuates, stocks will go down more than 10%, but communications stocks will only go down 2-3%. Therefore, Singapore's SINGTEL stock will be another stock with low volatility and g ood cash flow. And it will definitely be a stock that will receive the attention of various investors from now on. - Source: Thai News Agency

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