“Somsak” participated in the 132th anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of Justice, please continue working

“Somsak” entered the Ministry of Justice for the last time, bidding farewell to the executives. Ask all civil servants to continue working together. Upgrading the ministry to A-plus Thank you for joining in the work and giving gifts to the people. On the side of “Wissanu”, I have wisdom to work. Leaving a legacy of many works

Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, former Minister of Justice, attended the 132nd anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of Justice, with Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister. Acting Minister of Justice presided over the ceremony, along with Mrs. Pongsawat Kaiarunsut. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Acting Lt. Thanakrit Jitarareerat former secretary Minister of Justice, Ms. Natthapas Yongchaiyut Assistant to the Minister of Justice, Mr. Thanawat Nitkanchana, former advisor to the Minister of Justice, senior executive director general of various departments and civil servants

After the ceremony, Mr. Somsak bid farewell after resigning from the position that Thank you to all civil servants who have worked together for almost 4 years. We have jointly given many gifts to the people. In the ministry, we have further modified the ways of working. We have laws and guidelines for all departments working together. But we have to go outside the old box. move forward with development Soon we became a dependency for the people successfully. There are many tools in the Ministry of Justice. Act on the prevention of recidivism including the justice fund in helping those who are struggling with the lawsuit We have also enacted a law to promote livestock. to attract people to travel online tax collection It can be used as an education fund for children and help the elderly.

“What I dared to do and could do. Because I got a good teacher, Ajarn Wisanu, who gave me advice and support until everything seemed easy. And I still have a team that is diligent. Everyone in the ministry has worked together. For almost 4 years, people have praised our ministry as grade A. All of them are Grade A civil servants. May all officials be proud But everyone still has to develop this work to develop the Ministry of Justice to become A-Plus. And finally, the backlog of the government asks everyone to move forward. I thank you all today must say goodbye good luck to all If there is an opportunity to come back again, “said Mr. Somsak.

Mr. Wissanu said that the Prime Minister had assigned him to look at many things. and has an important mission to continue During the campaign it can be rough. Therefore asked him to help work here for 3 months, there will be a new minister. For Mr. Somsak You work as Because this ministry has power and channels. If there is a minister with intelligence, it can work a lot. Mr. Somsak left a legacy of achievements here, such as the Narcotics Law Code, the Recidivism Prevention Act, the Torture and Disappearance Prevention Act. What has been done for a long time has come to success in this day. Including new stories such as the establishment of a correctional industrial estate to revive people who are freed from punishment to have a social standpoint and he will continue on behalf of the civil servants of the Ministry of Justice wish you all the best prosper and may you continue to work for the nation

Mrs. Pongsawat said that she had a short time having the opportunity to work with Mr. Somsak together, only 8 months ago. He was a lawyer walking alone. But ministry work requires many factors. With your kindness that has always been recommended. support until the past Until receiving cooperation from all parties All the time you worked with very high efficiency. We will carry on the work that you initiated. and maintain working standards for the public

then executive Director General and Civil Servant brought a garland of flowers to give to Mr. Somsak Take photos and say good-bye and wish them good luck.

Source: Thai News Agency