“Sonthirat” warns the Democrat Party that they must adjust their image.

Phuket "Sonthirat" wakes up the People's Democratic Party. The next election must have more MPs than before, emphasizing expanding the vote base. Recruit strong applicants and be prepared. Suggestions for improving the outstanding image of the House of Representatives Create tangible results

Mr. Sonthirat Sonthijirawong, Chairman of the Strategy Driving Committee Palang Pracharat Party Speaking at the seminar, Democrat Party MPs said that our mission is to work together. by the success of the election is our goal The popularity of a party follows the political trend, which is important. and had an effect on elections in many areas He hopes that next time all 39 MPs plus 1 will come back again. Today we have to adjust the image of the party. Which isn't that there's a problem. But when the political context changes We must adjust the image of the party to be consistent with the political context. consistent with what happened We must work together to create a popular image of the party.

“From 3-4 months where there has been an evaluation in many areas. The image of our party is turning around. due to politics The image of political parties will turn around, turn around. This party may be here but it may be fading. Some parties may stumble over their own feet in some matters. Another thing is that we have to answer for ourselves. Who are the voters who support the party? Everyone who has been elected already knows this. Where is our voice? Therefore, we must adjust ourselves to be in line with the party's voting base. And where we haven't reached our voting base yet, how do we adjust?” Mr. Sonthirat said.

Mr. Sonthirat said that for the work of the party We have to build acceptance with the party. Both work policies The image of party personnel must stand out. Therefore, all parties must work together. In this era, the party must adjust its role in parliament to stand out. Because people view the role of MPs in the House of Representatives, and from what he and his team have followed, the work of MPs in the House of Representatives has changed a lot. We collect every clip that Party MPs discuss and communicate within the party Including the work of the party must be tangible. and in the dimension of administration in the ministries that the Party is responsible for Ministry's work is the work of the party and expand into the area

“The goal of the PDRC Party must be to stand as a political institution. The PDRC Party must become stronger and stronger. And it must be a party that will enter the next election with pride. And the goal is that everyone must come back. And in the next election, we must have More MPs than before But today it is too early to tell how many MPs we will get. Everyone must help in your province to expand the electoral area. and prepare to recruit strong candidates to support them. Each provincial MP, in addition to having the duty to protect the area You still have to look at areas where there are opportunities. that we have personnel There are future applicants to work with. To prepare for the next election,” Mr. Sonthirat said.

Mr. Sonthirat also said that everyone must act in connection with the Ministry. Linked to the Deputy Prime Minister which he studied with Pol. Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. As the Party Strategy Chairman The PDRC is ready to work with us. and will come to party meetings more often The missions that the Party is responsible for must benefit the entire country. The Strategic Steering Committee is not a party matter. But this is all the intention of the party leader. that wants us to work together .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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