Super Poll reveals the results of the study “Checkmate Call Gang”

Bangkok, Super Poll reveals the results of the study of the "Checkmate Call Gang" plan, highlighting the NBTC - Ministry of DE, the main host, pointing out that 3 months ago, criminals and cyber thieves were at large. Sucking people's money, losing a total of 1.5 billion baht, but the bank was able to freeze only 11 million baht in their accounts, urging national and private banks to take responsibility, recommending Prime Minister Settha to be strict and encourage commercial banks to be more alert and protect people's money more quickly. Asst. Prof. Dr. Noppadon Kannika, expert committee member National Police Policy (National Police Commission), Advisor to the Community Happiness Research Institute Foundation and founder of the Superpol Research Institute Revealing the results of the study "Chukkam Call Gang", conducted during the 10th - 15th of April 2024, found the facts. and solutions as follows: Facts: Call center gang movement and online fraudsters They are continuing to create trouble among people all over the country. In the past 2 years, there have been 500,000 cases of online scammers. The type and damage can be divided into 5 groups: (1) organized scams Caused more than 33 billion baht in damage (2) Non-organized fraud group Caused more than 5.5 billion baht in damage. (3) Group intimidates and intimidates people. Caused more than 7.9 billion baht in damage. (4) Cyber ??thieves attacked the system. causing damage of more than 7.5 billion baht and (5) other online fraud groups causing damage of more than 10 billion baht, for a total of more than 60 billion baht Recently, we found again the suffering of people from call center scammers. Cyber ??thieves who come to suck people's money during In the past 3 months, more than 1.5 billion baht was lost, but banks were able to freeze only 11 million baht, or 0.7 percent, of the fraudsters' accounts. Banks were able to keep people's money, which is less than 1 percent, it shows. saw that online scammers call center gang Cyber ??thieves have been successful in taking away 99.3 percent of the total value of people's money deposited with banks. The responsibility therefore lies with the public depository bank. This is consistent with the results of the Super Poll survey that found public opinion that The person most responsible is the bank, followed by online fraudsters, third is the victims themselves, and fourth is the Bank of Thailand. And number five is the police. The police are therefore not the only scapegoats. But the person who must join in taking responsibility at the forefront is commercial bank and the Bank of Thailand that should turn to help the people causing blacklisting Horse account freeze Slow down the flow of people's money because that money is sweat The tears of those who earn their living. and the police and the victims We helped each other as much as we could. The more you consider the facts, you will find that The police's workload is overloaded. There are 500,000 cases of online fraud, but there are only hundreds of investigators working on online cases. Only thousands Therefore, it is necessary to use technology systems, people, mechanisms and improvements in related laws to urgently solve the problem. Solution: According to the urgent policy of the government under the leadership of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, the Royal Thai Police Headquarters will be appointed by Pol. Gen. Kittirat Panpetch to act. Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Speed ??up dealing with online fraudsters, gambling websites, call center gangs and all forms of cybercrime to achieve results within 30 days, in line with the people's desire for the government to solve the problems of people who have been deceived by online fraudsters. And most recently, the Central Investigation Bureau, led by Pol. Lt. Gen. Jiraphop Phuridej, the Central Investigation Police Commander, together with the Customs Department. Can break the cycle of call center gangs - online gambling websites More than 6,000 pieces of seized equipment were seized. However, the problem situation o f the people from online fraudsters, gambling websites, call center gangs and cyber thieves. It still happens every day continuously as shown in the basic facts. Therefore, the solution to the problem is "Checkmate, Call Gang" and blacklisting. Horse account freeze Slow down the flow of money immediately There is a solution on the part of the police and on the part of banks and other network partners based on the new maxims and logic of policy proposals as follows: (1) On the part of the "police", use the "people's police" model through a technology system to prevent and assist. Solve problems quickly and put them in the palm of officials and citizens. To overcome two challenges: cybercrime and call center scams. There are three strategies: (1) good governance, (2) people and shortcut processes, and (3) technology. The details are the aspect of good governance. The top executives of the Royal Thai Police distribute duties with responsibility and accountability for results to the command and control centers a t the headquarters, divisions, police stations and police stations, building people with energy and inspiration. The same determination to work hard for the people as the top executives of the Royal Thai Police, withstand pressure, recover quickly, be able to identify risks, prevent, suppress, solve, and recover, and use technology systems to monitor, detect, warn, receive notification of opening cases, follow up, and Progress reports through real-time technology Coordinate with banks and related networks to get on the blacklist. Horse account freeze Slow down the flow of money immediately Because the police have targets as ordered by the Prime Minister, in the time frame it is expected that during the first 30 days the results will increase from 5 percent to 15 percent, and during September the results will increase to 70 percent, with The readiness of people, mechanisms and technology started from 20 percent in April. It went to 80 percent in June. according to the diagram shown (2) As for the "Bank", the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and the Broadcasting Commission Television business and the National Telecommunications Commission or NBTC as well as "network partners" use checkmate measures to put call gangs on blacklists and freeze horse accounts. Stop the flow of money immediately At the same time, the Ministry of DE and NBTC should be the main hosts to proactively work to completely control the mechanisms of fraudsters' use of technology in order to Online fraudsters give up because of the high costs and risks. Participants in the conspiracy were prosecuted and had no way to conduct financial transactions. The bank and network can manage the online fraud movement. Call center gangs and cyber thieves follow the 'big picture' model in the attached diagram, with division of duties and responsibilities for duties and responsibility for results. (Accountability) starting from the bank, cutting off financial routes By working together with the police, including the Cyber ??Police/Central Investigation Police (CIB)/Police Office/Police Office, there is a platform for opening cases that is concise, takes a short time, and is quick to manage and blacklist online criminal groups. and manage notifications to the bank and the bank can cut off the financial route Immediately slow down the flow of money with a variety of methods, such as verifying your identity when transferring money. and various technical arrangements that banks and operating personnel are protected by law to carry out until the closure of the case. In short, dealing with blacklists. Horse account freeze Continued action can be taken to block the resurgence of online fraudsters through tactical police work processes. And in the long term, Parliament and all relevant sectors Laws should be improved to keep up with and stay ahead of the work of online fraudsters. call center gang and cyber thieves Create a mechanism to work quickly, accurately and protect officials who help keep innocent people safe. According to the diagram showing the steps for managing a blacklist. Horse account freeze Delay the transfer of funds from the horse account. The result is The safety of people's money that they trust to deposit with banks will increase. And less money of poor people will flow out into the hands of online fraudsters and out of the country. Groups of online fraudsters will turn to work elsewhere. With the principles and practices presented above. Urgent policy of Mr. Settha Thaweesin who ordered the Royal Thai Police to show his work. Therefore, orders should be extended to state banks to show their work as well, such as Krung Thai Bank, Government Savings Bank, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives and other state banks. To make people trust that state banks can more successfully preserve people's money. To be a measure of good corporate governance of state bank executives at all levels. And it has become a good model for other private commercial banks to become alert and help protect people's money faster than today. Source: Thai News Age ncy