Take control of the thief in Bang Bo. Hem invaded, shot and threw bombs in front of the school.

Samut Prakan, May 25 – Two groups of teenagers shot and threw bombs in front of a school in Bang Bo area. No one was injured . Claiming that the other party had stepped on the Foundation pin

A good Samaritan's front camera reveals two groups of teenagers, aged 16-18, riding motorcycles in three rows, meeting each other in front of the school. The first group opened fire, pulled their guns and fired at each other. Until students and villagers ran away to death The other party counterattacked with a ping pong bomb. before using chaos to disperse and escape This time no one was injured.

The incident occurred in the evening of May 24 after the incident, Bang Bo Police Station went to the area to look for clues to the perpetrators. until being able to track down 3 teenagers using guns with the guns in the middle of the crime Before detaining all 3 people, they were sent to investigators at Bang Bo Police Station to continue legal proceedings.

The reason for claiming His dignity was insulted by the other party studying in a different institution. Use your foot to step on the Foundation's brooch. At this time, it is in the process of accelerating following the parties to the prosecution as well.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency