Talk with the Israeli Foreign Minister Hurry to help Thai hostages

"Panpree" reveals he has talked with the Israeli Foreign Minister. Emphasize finding a way to help Thai hostages quickly. Looking at Hamas conditions as having no impact on Thai workers The cause is not a conflict.

Mr. Panpree Phitthanukorn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Discussing the progress of helping Thai people in Israel Later, the labor group reflected that contacting for help was quite difficult, saying that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially the Thai Ambassador to Israel, had tried to contact every Thai worker as much as possible. Because the internal system is now very busy. But I have already been informed that At this time, 3,226 people have requested to return to Thailand, which are people scattered in Israel. It's not just in the Gaza Strip alone. and traveling back and forth is difficult He therefore questioned whether it would be possible to bring everyone back at the same time. which is the intention to bring everyone back But traveling inside is still difficult and unsafe. Therefore, we must ensure safety for everyone first. If you can travel back. The government will support

As for those who have complained through the media, they must wait for the situation to stabilize first or not, Mr. Panpree stated that if they can return, they will return immediately. If you feel that you are not safe in Israel The government is ready to return to Thailand immediately.

As for the earliest return for the large lot, Mr. Panpree stated that the earliest the first lot will be 15 people returning due to limited space on the plane. They will try to bring the injured back first. Selected by the Ambassador. Then on October 18th, another lot of 80 people will return and will gradually return after this. As for the Air Force planes and Thai commercial planes. If flying, it must be safe. If you don't want to go tomorrow, you can go. Because it is still in a state of war.

As for Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Has he given additional orders or not? Mr. Panpree stated that the Prime Minister is concerned. which has been reported periodically

As for negotiations to help Thai workers who were held hostage, Mr. Panpree said that he had the opportunity to talk with the Israeli Foreign Minister last night. Some of which are internal. which the Israeli government is concerned about and expressed condolences to the Thai people about the incident. that caused injuries, loss, and detention. He told Israel's foreign countries to use their utmost efforts. In order to release Thai people who have been detained as quickly as possible.

Mr. Panpree said that the number of injured people Died and quarantined He asked when he would be able to confirm the exact amount. The Israeli foreign minister said it was difficult to confirm at this time. Due to still not being able to enter the area The numbers we now know come from the embassy. That is, 18 people died, 9 were injured and 11 were captured.

As for setting the conditions of the Hamas group Regarding the release of Israeli hostages, will it affect the release of Thai people or not? Mr. Panpree stated that he sees no impact. Because they are not conflicting parties. and is just a working person There is no reason to harm our people. But during the chaos, they couldn't figure out who was going where, so they all captured them, expecting them to be released.

Mr. Panpree also confirmed that the Thai government provides more than full support to Thai workers. I hardly slept. I have to talk to that country. this country all the time Accompanying the Prime Minister on his foreign mission was only 18 hours before returning to Thailand. Because I want there to be progress in this matter before having to accompany the Prime Minister on his mission in China.

As for the trip to Brunei Darussalam with Malaysia's Prime Minister Will it affect this situation or not? Because both countries do not recognize Israel, Mr. Panpree stated that relations between Thailand and ASEAN countries are very close. Visiting is normal. When he received his new position, he traveled to visit neighboring countries. I believe there will definitely be no problem.

As for the previous case where Thailand's stance on this situation was criticized, Mr. Panpree answered briefly, "That's enough," before later saying, “There are many points of view”.

Source: Thai News Agency