TCSD seizes a major source of pornography

Bangkok, TCSD seizes obscene objects for sale through its Facebook page. Claimed to be a Japanese product Both made in China get more than a thousand items worth millions of baht

Maj. Gen. Athip Pongsiwapai, TCSD chief, announced the arrest of Tanayong, 29, Ms. Kanravee, 27, and Ms. Ilada, 32, with their belongings confiscated. Medium 1,066 pieces, valued at approximately 1 million baht, at a village in Nong Chok district, Bangkok, for the offenses under Section 287 (2) of the Criminal Code, engaging in or participating in the trade with respect to the aforementioned obscene objects or things. give out or show off to the public Or rent objects or such things, whoever helps to hide, helps to sell, helps to take away, buy, accept, pledge, or accept by any means what he knows to be an item due to an offense under Section 242 shall be liable to imprisonment. imprisonment for not more than 5 years or a fine four times the price of Duties are included. Or both, according to the Customs Act 2017, Section 246, and the Consumer Protection Act 1979, Section 22. Advertising must not use statements that are unfair to Consumer or use messages that may cause negative effects on society as a whole

Regardless of whether such statements are statements relating to the origin, condition, quality or nature of the goods or services. as well as delivery, supply or use of goods or services the following message Considered a message that is unfair to consumers. or a statement that may cause a negative effect on society as a whole; (3) a statement that directly or indirectly supports illegal or moral acts or lead to a disgrace in the nation's culture.

Investigators found that pornographic devices were sold through Facebook pages. Which has ordered products imported from China via the website, sent through shipping and has created a network group to be a distributor of many people on many pages 50% of the profits will be shared among the sales representatives. with Mr. Tanayong and Ms. Kanravee ordering pornographic equipment and having Ms. Ilada, 32, the page administrator Initially, the accused confessed. Send investigators to prosecute according to the law. for medium When the case is final The court will order them to be destroyed further.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency