Thanathorn Yon Kaoklai answers about the Amnesty Act.

Bangkok, "Thanathorn" throws 'Kaoklai' in response to the Amnesty Act. Is it true that he refused to answer that he waived his right to amnesty in political cases? Ajar if it's time to make a statement.

Dec. 2 at the Habitat Development Foundation, Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit Former leader of the Future Forward Party and Chairman of the Progress Committee Speaking before attending a fundraising event to support the 13th anniversary of the People's Movement for a Fair Society (P-Move) about the draft bill (Act) providing amnesty to people who have committed crimes as a result of the conflict. Politics B.E.... that the Kaew Klai Party has proposed to the House of Representatives

However, Mr. Thanathorn replied that you should ask the Kao Klai Party. Please don't. Please allow me. I don't want to be interviewed on this matter. Let the party give an interview.

The reporter then asked again about the case of Mr. Chaithawat Tulathon, a party list MP. And the leader of the Kaew Klai Party once stated that Mr. Thanathorn would not request amnesty for political cases. Mr. Thanathorn said, "When the time comes, he will make a statement himself. Don't worry, it's time for me to make a statement on this matter myself."

Source: Thai News Agency

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