The committee reveals that the Provincial ALRO admitted to issuing the wrong ALRO.

Parliament The Land Committee - the National Security Committee revealed that the issue of land in the ALRO Korat "National Parks - Military Survey Department" is still not finished arguing about the boundary line, but the ALRO .Province admits the issue of ALRO is wrong. Questions may be behind the scenes. Next week, prepare to invite the NACC to a meeting. Mr. Apichat Sirisunthon, Chairman of the Land Commission Natural resources and environment along with Mr. Rangsiman Rome, Chairman of the Committee on State Security, Border Affairs, and National Strategy House of Representatives Revealing the results of the invitation to the Royal Thai Survey Department Agricultural Land Reform Office and the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Considering the issue of the ALRO land dispute overlapping the area of Khao Yai National Park. Mr. Apichat stated that the two agencies are still arguing about the boundary. which the National Park Department Do not accept the boundaries as sent by the Royal Thai Survey Department to Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, but still confirm the boundaries according to the Royal Decree of 1962, while ALRO itself adheres to the boundaries according to the Royal Thai Survey Department. Looking at it this way, it probably won't end as the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives has announced. Mr. Rangsiman said that the provincial ALRO admitted that the ALRO was wrong, but the central ALRO did not come to explain today (28 Feb.). We are trying to Will listen to all sides from all sides. At the same time, I don't want to waste time. If there is a resolution, various information will be obtained. It will flow directly into the National Anti-Corruption Commission or NACC if there is an offense committed by a government official. 'I want this matter to be finished quickly. Whatever is wrong will be dealt with according to the law. As for the map, who will you believe in terms of boundaries? Do you believe the Royal Thai Survey Department or the National Park? I wou ld like it to be in accordance with the legal process. Because we've heard from both sides. There are still arguments. So that's okay. Continue to follow the law,' Mr. Rangsiman said. As for the case that has occurred, will the level be larger than the level of practice that is responsible or not? Mr. Rangsiman said that we received information that A letter has been sent. Around February, it appeared that no action had been taken. The more the result was extended to the adults in the organization, why did they let this kind of thing happen? But we will try to listen to both sides, but the Central ALRO has not come to provide information. So hope next week Will agree to come and provide information to the committee because now the Provincial ALRO has admitted guilt. This causes the information to be biased towards the ALRO's fault. Therefore, we would like to hear information from the Central ALRO. Then it will end with the legal process. To whom does the effect extend? It must be given to those with legal a uthority to proceed further. Mr. Apichat added that As for the process of issuing the ALRO, the Provincial ALRO testified that illegally It is out in the forest area. Even though it's not the boundary of the park. can't get out which has no traces of exploitation 'Perform all rights checks. It was as fast as he reported. and there were protests from the agency which the provincial governor and district chief did not acknowledge and the village headman himself did not know But it quickly sped up leaves. Therefore it is considered abnormal. Therefore, a big question arises: if only the practical level line Provincial area level Would you dare to do such a thing? Is there a process behind it? which we will continue to search As for the qualifications of the five holders, the commissioner has requested all information from the investigation. Why are you eligible? Please consider it in the next committee meeting,' Mr. Apichart said. When asked, it was noted that person receiving rights The ALRO in the overlappi ng area is not a farmer. Mr. Apichat said that as far as investigation has been conducted, it has been found that Some people do not live in the said area. But let's see his inquiry form first. The ALRO Korat will send it to you. And on March 4th, the commissioner will actually visit the area. in order to ask for information from the villagers Mr. Rangsiman also said that the ALRO has set up a subcommittee to investigate the issue. With a processing time frame of 30 days, I personally think that No need to wait Because there are many facts from the Provincial ALRO, the next meeting We will also consider asking about this matter Source: Thai News Agency

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