The ERC suggests that the electricity bill for the next installment may be reduced by 23-50 satang.

Bangkok 11 May-Office ERC to reduce electricity cost, issuing a press release, "Want to reduce electricity cost by 23-50 satang per unit" for the end of the year (Sept.-Dec. '23) after the LNG price dropped plus PTT To speed up gas production in the Gulf of Thailand, G1 well

The Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) notified the press release that Due to the volatility of imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices that affected the Ft in the past, the OERC has studied the trend of electricity prices that fluctuate according to the LNG price in the next period. by setting other factors of production as constant variables which the Ft number is obtained as follows:

1. The average LNG price is 14 USD per million BTU (MMbtu), which will reduce the Ft by 30 satang per unit.

2. Average LNG price of 15 USD per million BTU (MMbtu) will reduce Ft by 26 satang per unit.

3. Average LNG price of 16 USD per million BTU (MMbtu) will reduce Ft by 23 satang per unit.

The ERC uses figures from the current natural gas production volume in the Gulf of Thailand.

If PTTEP is able to produce more gas in the Gulf of Thailand from the G1 well (former Erawan field) as planned, it will reduce the Ft rate even more. may be reduced by 50 satang per unit Because gas prices in the Gulf of Thailand are produced 2-3 times cheaper than imported LNG, which can significantly reduce the cost of electricity generation.

However, the ERC will monitor the situation of imported LNG prices as LNG prices in the world market appear today. It will be the cost of electricity generation in the next 45 days because the process of purchasing LNG gas and transporting it from the source to the gas depot in Thailand will take at least 45 days.

In addition, the OERC will continue to implement measures to reduce the cost of electricity generation in other areas. taking into account the stability of electric power so that there is electricity available all the time Build confidence for investors and the public.

The OERC still asks for cooperation from electricity users to continually save energy. Because the electricity tariff structure in Thailand is a progressive rate. If you use more units of electricity will be charged at a higher rate and cost more, so if you reduce unnecessary electricity consumption In addition to helping reduce your own expenses. It also reduces the overall energy cost of the country.

Source: Thai News Agency