The Presidency does not need to be old or experienced.

Bangkok, May 25 - "Uthai" identifies the chairman of the council, most of them are people in the government. but must remain neutral, believing that the new MPs can act as president No age or experience required. MPs nowadays have the quality to study the regulations.

Uthai Pimjaichon, former Speaker of the National Assembly Mentioning the person who will assume the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives Does it have to come from the party with the number 1 vote? In the past, most people were government people. Because the government has a duty to drive and many things must pass the council to control the push for government laws But the code of conduct and the constitution stipulates that the principle Parliament must remain neutral. But in practice, it has to be a person of the government.

“I think those who serve on the throne should be like a conductor The control is in the hand. If the audience listens to the end well, they will be impressed. The chairman of the council is the same if controlling the members to ensure that the meeting atmosphere goes smoothly. At the same time there should be independence. absent from political parties And out of courtesy, he would not attend a meeting with the party, ”said Uthai.

Council meeting control Do you have to use experience? considered as a new representative as well As for the rules of the meeting must be precise or not. no need Because the quality of MPs these days is no longer riding a buffalo into the council, they are educated people. Articles of Association no more than 100 pages, it is believed that members can read and understand. As for the party who will choose who to act, it will choose people who have already been in the council through the eyes of the meeting. and problems during the meeting important in the heart must act as an adult

“Political office is a big position. People who want to be great or become great must be great. If it's big and big, then there's no problem. council chairman position If you think of yourself as a conductor will also make the meeting fun. Do not let MPs parachute or make MPs get bored of the meeting. Including the following people will be able to receive the work. and has a pleasant speech which modern MPs are capable of diligently searching for information There is no need to take someone who took a hot bath before. If you can find more information, you will have the same experience, ”said Mr. Uthai.

former chairman of the council sees that at this time the establishment of a government is in the form of a coalition government who will compete for the position of Speaker of the Council It should be the one who has already agreed in the coalition government. I don't want to worry about the age of the person who will do the job. because young people act like adults I would like to leave a message to the next generation of Presidents of the Council. Don't think that the country must be ours. But the country belongs to the people. Based on the people Listen to the majority voice from the people - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency