The US Treasury Department points out that the US-China must restore healthy economic relations.

San Francisco, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reiterated that The United States and China must restore healthy economic relations. After a period of tense relationship

Yellen told the media on Friday, US time. After meeting for two days with Vice Premier He China's Lifeng in San Francisco in the United States said The United States does not want to separate its economy from China. Because it will cause damage to both countries and make the world unstable. She and the Chinese vice premier have spent the past two days laying the groundwork with frank and fruitful talks. Because nothing can replace face-to-face diplomacy, the two sides agreed that she would visit China again next year.

The US Treasury Secretary also said that The United States is concerned about the flow of essential Russian military equipment into Russia to evade sanctions. She did not accuse the Chinese government of this. But some private Chinese companies and financial institutions have been involved in facilitating the transport. She reiterated during a discussion with the Chinese Vice Premier that The United States wants China to clean up this matter. But if no action is taken, the United States is preparing to impose additional sanctions.

Source: Thai News Agency

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