Tutoring Democrat Party MPs to prepare for the next election.

Phuket "Uttama" tutors Palang Pracharat MPs. Prepare to enter the next election, revealing 5 big issues that challenge the government.

Mr. Uttama Savanayana, Chairman of the Board of Directors Policy and reform for sustainable national development Said at one point in the party seminar that we must develop to meet the needs of the people. At the same time, we must answer our own questions in order to develop and become even stronger. and are ready to enter the field next time and are ready to produce a new generation of personnel In terms of political party policy and which government it is There is an important tool, namely policy, which is what we promised during the election campaign. Especially the party that came into government And another matter that must be driven together. It is to drive the policy process that will be used to achieve the results that we have discussed with the people. Therefore, we must accept that in the current situation there are 5 big challenges for the government, and the Palang Pracharath Party is one of the coalition parties that must face the challenge. that consists of The matter of people's economic livelihoods which has the expectations that people have about the government to solve and alleviate suffering This allows the economy and livelihood to move forward again. And today's government has issued reasonable measures to speed up the economic recovery. and taking care of people in the agricultural sector in order to raise their income levels, reduce poverty, and inequality that accumulates in the country's structure. Debt burden of the public and government sectors Environment and health that the world and Thai people care about Entering the aging society that causes the country's population structure to change How do we take care of groups of people so that they are appropriate?

Mr. Uttama also said that for the role of the Palang Pracharat Party to join in solving problems for the people They are accelerating the engine and driving forward policies, especially on things that have not been said at all. But you have to do it. Because acceptance can happen, there must be work. And the results must be achieved and the goals must be achieved. and the policies that we have spoken in the current situation There are challenges and risks. If we do well, the image of the party, MPs and ministers will emerge. - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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