“Uncle Add” cheers the younger generation on fighting, saying “Uthen-Chula” are brothers.

"Add Carabao" cheers for the younger generation to fight, saying that Uthen-Chula are brothers, while Ajarn Jess Suanklap has been together for 30 years and has never felt like brothers. One of Uthen Thawai alumni, Yuenyong Opakul or Add Carabao, posted on Facebook. With the message "...Uthen fight, Uthen fight to the death... It's a pity I live in England... if this house, this city... There are only people who design it. But there is no builder. The world would have ended long ago... Uthen offered to Chulalongkorn It is like brothers and sisters who His Majesty the King gave each other a piece of land (a small piece of Uthen, a large piece of Chulalongkorn) with the hope of helping each other build houses and transform the city to prosper until today. But why? Chula uses deceit. will come to seize our small piece of land, the Uthen people Until having to lend a hand to Mr. Pao (Maybe former students) come and take our land...is that fair? Great World War Era East Asia Japan dropped bombs on Siam. Our ance stors, the Por Chang people, offered it to us. Went to restore and repair it until it was back in good use as before. The legend of the craftsman Uthen offering must be to move the land that the King has bestowed upon us. I cannot accept this and would like to protest against Chulalongkorn University. The person who brings about this unrighteousness also. 3. If we love to be willing, then think about being willing. The blue place is the place where love gathers together...brothers and sisters." From Uncle Add's post, "Ajarn Jess" Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jessada Denduangboriphan Lecturer, Department of Biology The Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn, responded by posting a message via Facebook asking Uncle Aed about the issue of fraternity between the two institutions, saying, 'Uthen Thawai and Chulalongkorn. They are like brothers and sisters. I have been on the fence at Chula since I was in elementary school. Until I've been working now, for more than 30 years, I've never felt this way. That you're brothers with him , hehe." The news team inquired from the Uthen Thawai side. After coming out to move yesterday, Mr. Thawat Vachirabongkot, a student with a Master's degree in Uthen Thawai, said that now his side We are waiting for the Minister of U.S.A. to set up a central committee to solve the problem, which has three parties: Uthen Division, Chulalongkorn University Division, and the Ministry Division. Ready to emphasize that in the order of the Central Administrative Court Not specified for Uthen Move out of the area If you read the entire judgment, you will understand. On this issue, he has already submitted evidence to the parliament and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. If there is evidence that Uthen offered If you actually rent a place from Chula, please bring out the rental contract and confirm that Uthen Thawai is still accepting first-year students and will definitely study in the same place. along with asking society Don't think of Uthen as a stubborn child, but please wait and see all the evid ence first. There was an opinion from Prof. Dr. Thongthong Chandransu, former Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, saying that he was worried the problem would escalate. This matter requires legal discussion. The executives of the two institutions must turn to negotiate. More than giving alumni - current students Let's use our emotions to interact with each other. As for the Uthen side There is an understanding that King Rama VI gave the area to be used to build an institute related to mechanics. Acharn Thongthong said that in the past there is no evidence in the annals to confirm this. He used to serve as the director of the Chula History Hall. for more than ten years I have researched every document regarding the location of Chulalongkorn University. There is no evidence that "Uthen Thawai" has been granted or transferred. or have ownership rights in the land where Uthen Thawai is currently located There is only a rental contract. which was due long ago Another issue that has been attacked is that If Uthen Thawai moves, Chulalongkorn University will use the land to build a shopping center for profit. Ajarn Thongthong considers it missing the point. As far as he knows, this area has been in the land use plan for educational purposes for a long time. But if in the future Thinking about adjusting the plan to use it in other ways. It is also a matter of the Chula community. Including the public will be able to criticize because Chula is an autonomous university. It is not the personal property of anyone. If there is corruption Use the area to benefit It is believed that both former and current students Definitely refuses to stay still. Source: Thai News Agency

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