“Chaitawat” confident in defending the lawsuit “Pitha” holding ITV shares

Going far, June 5 – "Chaitawat" is still confident in fighting the lawsuit. Ask to force the party to write membership qualifications according to qualifications. MPs - point out that the interpretation is too far "Pitha" qualifications to sign and certify MPs must re-elect

Chaitawat Tulathon, secretary-general of the Kao Klai Party Referring to Mr. Phitha Limcharoenrat's ITV shareholding lawsuit Leader and candidate for the Prime Minister of the Progressive Party that he is still confident that he will clarify and fight the case, now waiting for the Election Commission to coordinate with Mr. Phitha and the Kao Klai Party when

When asked whether Mr. Somchai Sawanwang, a senator, came out and stated that the allegations against Mr. Phitha It is against the law in Section 4. Mr. Chaitawat said that this is the detail that we prepare to fight in the case.

When asked whether today Mr. Komsan Phokong, a professor at the Faculty of Law Rangsit University Issued a comment that the qualifications of party members were mocked from the qualifications of candidates. It means that if Mr. Phitha lacks qualifications holding media shares It will also affect the certification of district MPs and list MPs. Mr. Chaitawat said that it would be too far an interpretation. Accept the Party's Articles of Association, the qualifications are written in accordance with the law. But today we haven't gone that far. because before getting to that matter We must first consider whether Mr. Phitha is really guilty of holding media shares or not.

When asked if there was a trend that Mr. Phitha had sold shares or transferred shares before applying, Mr. Chaitawat asked to wait and see in detail. But in fact, this is a matter of interpretation of laws and diagnostic norms. There are several comparable cases before. So I think there shouldn't be any problem.

When asked if we have yet to pay attention to this case or not, Mr. Chaitawat said that right now the most important thing is to understand the senator because of Mr. Pita's media holdings. It will take some time. What will happen first is the choice of the prime minister. We therefore focus on coordinating with the senators first, now we have to admit that there has been some progress. The walls that used to be between them fell down. After some discussion.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency