Concerned about the Prime Minister’s vote after the Election Commission prepares to take more than 20 MPs

Going far, June 5 – "Chaitawat" is worried about the vote for the Prime Minister after the Election Commission prepares to take more than 20 MPs who believe that they will not make the move far to relegate to second place. Be confident that the MPs won the election with fairness

Mr. Chaitawat Tulathon, secretary-general of the Kao Klai Party, mentioned the case that there were reports that the approval of more than 20 members of the Election Commission of Thailand's MPs had problems with the Kao Klai Party. But now it is not known whether the party has advanced or not. and has not inquired to the parties to form a government together

If these 20 people are on the side of the coalition government, will it affect the vote for the prime minister? Mr. Chaitawat admitted that it definitely affected the vote for the prime minister. which has been pre-conceived as well If it's only 95% guaranteed, you'll have to look at the base of the party joining the government to see how much it gets. The middle of this month should know the result.

Mr. Chaitawat continued that he was not personally stuck if there were MPs from other parties who were not coalition parties to vote for him. We will get out of the political conflict in the past 10 years. but in part of the party probably not appropriate to comment and probably won't go to talks with political parties Let it be a matter for each party to decide. Or there may be individual discussions. because there may be people who want to vote for to maintain the system and the will of the people

When asked if he was worried about whether the petition MPs will reduce the number of the Kao Klai Party to become the second-ranked party. Our MPs won the election with integrity. We are not worried about this. But in general, it must be thought that if the number of MPs of the parties to form a joint government decreases on the day of voting for the prime minister It must be prepared that more senators will be required.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency