PPP waits for EC to endorse MPs before voting for new leader

Democratic Party May 24 - NACC holds a vote for a new "party leader", waiting for the Election Commission to endorse MPs "Rames" until July 13, knowing the name of the new party leader

Rames Ratanachaweng, Acting Democrat Party Spokesman announced after the party executive committee meeting The meeting discussed public participation in political parties. is to apply for membership in the Democratic Party Currently, there are 89,180 people nationwide applying for membership after the amendment to the Organic Act (Pra.Por.Por.) political parties. Reduce the maintenance fee to 20 baht, believing that there will be more members.

“The meeting acknowledged the case of Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, leader of the Democrat Party. resigned from party leadership The next step will be the election of a new party leader and executive committee within 60 days according to the Political Party Act. In part of the process of choosing a new party leader According to Regulation No. 32, in the past, a preliminary poll must be opened. Like when Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva resigned But now we have provincial mechanisms and party branches. The meeting therefore proposed to waive the above regulations. But still insist on listening to all members After this, the party will call an extraordinary general meeting. On that day, there will be members from all over the country already attending the meeting, ”said Rames.

Mr. Rames said that the meeting had set a quorum to select a new party executive committee. The most important quorum is the 24 elected MPs who will be the main quorum of 70%, so it is appropriate to wait for the Election Commission (ECT) to announce approval in other parts. In every party's regulations, for example, there must be a party executive committee. Former party leaders, former ministers, former provincial governors who will join the quorum of 30% after this meeting will be held to determine the appropriate proportion again. This meeting of the Acting Committee of the Board of Directors Not the last time But after the Election Commission has approved the MPs Will meet again to set a clear date again. which, if counted 60 days after Mr. Jurin resigned A new executive director must be elected by July 13.

Mr. Rames said that the meeting discussed the results of the election. but haven't gone into detail yet. just encourage each other After the meeting of the Board of Bor. will hold a meeting of MPs to continue working under the parliamentary system All political activities must be subject to party consensus.

“Mr. Chalermchai Sri-on, acting secretary-general of the party Clearly confirmed to the meeting that he had never discussed Contact and coordinate with anyone about setting up a government. The news was distorted to discredit the party. At the same time, he also spoke in principle. “Which word?” When the number does not reach as announced, must proceed accordingly. But in the member still believes in the principle that he still loves the Democrat Party and also need advice from Mr. including many seniors with experience which we have always done,” said Mr. Rames.

When asked about exemptions from poll regulations Because he wants to avoid conflicts that have occurred in the past or not. so it's normal But when the selection is complete, it's over. Confirm that the reason for the exception to the regulations comes from the fact that we now have party members. Each province's mechanism is already sufficient. We also see the importance of members.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency