The Senate approves ‘Siluck’ to sit in the SEC.

The Senate approves 'Silak' Chalui to sit on the OAG committee after clearing the 'middle' problem.

Reporters reported that The Senate meeting (Senator) chaired by Mr. Supachai Somcharoen, the 2nd Vice President of the Senate, acted as the chairman of the meeting. To consider approving a person who has been nominated for a position as a member of the State Audit Commission (OAG) by Gen. Oud, senator as a member of the Standing Committee (Km. T.) to perform duties Investigate background, conduct and ethical behavior. of the person nominated for the position of Director of the OAG clarify the results of the conduct examination and the ethical behavior of Ms. Silak Pannuam, who was nominated as a director of the OAG. with a time limit of 60 days Since the establishment of the committee in the Senate meeting On 23 Jan. ago in which the committee has completed the examination of qualifications and prepare a summary of confidential reports

Gen. Oud continued that the committee had observations about the acquisition process. and duty Including using the power of the committee to recruit directors of the OAG. According to Section 15 of the Organic Act on State Audit B.E. Within 20 days from the date of notification from the Secretary-General of the Senate 2. In the case of performing duties and exercising powers of members of the Nomination Committee of the OAG. In the event that the members of the Nomination Committee are insufficient or the selection period has expired and did not nominate a person to be appointed as a nomination committee member of the OAG.

After that, the committee asked for a summary of the results of operations as a confidential report as specified in the regulations of the meeting. and request that a secret meeting be held before presenting the report

Causing Maj. Gen. Chalermchai Kruea-ngam, senator, to ask to help expand the case that the ACT stated that May result in the selection of a suitable person to be appointed as a director of the OAG is illegal. that means something Because the nomination committee for the OAG is not complete as required by law, this is what we always worry about. And it is evident that there is an independent organization that has a duty to send a person to be a member of the Nomination Committee. But it appears in the document that the secretary nomination committee uses the word that has a resolution not to send a person to join the nomination committee. But while an organization uses the word considered Can't find a person to be a member of the nomination committee. These 2 cases are therefore different.

Gen. Oud then rose to clarify that We have inquired to the nomination committee. Received an answer that could not find a fully qualified person to be a member of the Nomination Committee. and don't know what to do Because the time is limited to 20 days. It is because the qualification of the nomination committee is too high.

After a secret meeting for about 40 minutes, Mr. Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, President of the Senate Acting as chairman of the meeting Announced the results of the secret voting. It turned out that Ms. Silak received approval with 182 votes, disapproved 1 vote, abstained 4, considered approved with no less than half of the number of members. all Therefore, he has been approved to serve as a director of the OAG. Then Mr. Pornpetch Has read the Royal Command Announcement of the Royal Decree Closing the Extraordinary Session of the Parliament of 2023 to members and closed the meeting at 2:00 p.m. Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency