‘SMR14-‘ Vissel Kobe players win the eJ.LEAGUE THAILAND NEW GEN championship.

Worathit Dampitak or SMR14- an 18-year-old young student uses his best playing skills to lead the VISSEL KOBE team in a virtual J.League season 2023/24 when he was able to lead the VISSEL KOBE team, the latest J.League champion this year. Successfully conquered the battle arena of “eJ.LEAGUE THAILAND NEW GEN SERIES 2023” Year 3 Esports and received a prize money of over 80,000 baht.

“J League”, professional football league of Japan Explosive fun Continuing for the 3rd year of the "eJ.LEAGUE THAILAND NEW GEN SERIES 2023" competition to find new gen esports athletes with Siamese blood. From over 1,000 applicants to the qualifying round, 288 people were selected and selected until the final 18 people were left to compete in the On Ground round (Round Robin / Single Elimination) using “eFootball ” 2024 Mobile Version and using teams from J.League clubs this season. The latest 2023/2024 competition took place on 24 November 2023, until there were only 8 finalists remaining who had entered to compete in the quarter-finals and finals on 26 November. Y. 66 with competing pairs. With a knockout system of 2 out of 3 games and if there is a tie, the winner will be determined by penalty shootout as follows.

Worathit Dampitak (SMR14-) Team VISSEL KOBE meets Phuripat Montreewong (CRM_A14) Team KASHIMA ANTLERS, Natthawat Namburi (CRM.TXRO) Team GAMBA OSAKA meets Tonnam Daengcharoen (MFC TonnaM) Team KYOTO. SANGA FC, Pannatat Sarawanpen (Pannatuct) Team NAGOYA GRAMPUS meets Chatchaphon Sukson (SGOT) Team CEREZO OSAKA and Daniel Alexander Kaypes (DAKKZ) Team YOKOHAMA F. MARINOS. Meet Thanakorn Jinda (CantonaRuay) Team FCTOKYO –

Results of the final 8 or quarter-finals,

first pair: Worathit Damphithak (SMR14-) plays the VISSEL KOBE team that just won the J.League championship in the latest season 2023/24. As Group A champion The group stage has been played 4 times. Undefeated match, 3 wins, 1 draw, scored the most in the past round, 11 goals together, meeting Phuripat Montreewong (CRM_A14) at the KASHIMA ANTLERS team as the runner-up in Group D, who played 3 matches, won 2, lost 1 match, scored. The 2nd most from the group stage, scoring 10 goals. It can be said that both of them had very bold offensive attacks. And the results of the duel showed that Worathit Dampitak (SMR14-) VISSEL KOBE team had an offensive game that was more aggressive and sure, winning 2-0 games (3- 2 and 2 -0).

Pair 2: Natthawat Namburi (CRM.TXRO) plays GAMBA OSAKA, the champion of Group C. Who is in very fresh form, 3 matches undefeated, winning in a row without conceding a goal at all, meeting with Tonnam Daengcharoen (MFC_TonnaM), who plays with the KYOTO SANGA FC team in the Group B championship round. In the group stage Who entered the next round in such a way that we have to wait until the final game. The results of the competition showed that The two teams fought each other with the utmost fun. It took three penalty shootout games before KYOTO SANGA FC inflicted their first defeat on GAMBA OSAKA in the tournament and sent them out of the round with a 2-1 win (2 -2 pens 5-4 /1-1 pens 0-2 / 2-0)

Match 3 Pannatat Sorwanpen (Pannatuct) plays NAGOYA GRAMPUS, passing through as the undefeated Group B champion, winning 3 straight and drawing 1 match, meeting with Chatchaphon Sukson (SGOT) playing CEREZO OSAKA, the runner-up. Group C has 3 results, winning, drawing, losing one match each. The results show that the NAGOYA GRAMPUS team had less possession of the ball. But there are excellent playing tactics. Despite being in the lead all the time, in the end they were able to turn the situation around in each game and win the game 2-0 (1-1 on penalties 5-3 ) / 3-2).

The last match is the big match of this round from two players from the country, when Daniel Alexander Kaypes (DAKKZ), a youth national team player from Thailand, plays with the YOKOHAMA F. MARINOS team as group champion. good Who has entered the field in the group stage for 3 matches, winning 2, drawing 1, meeting Thanakorn Jinda (CantonaRuay), a professional player, runner-up of the famous efootball tournament, playing on the FCTOKYO team as the runner-up of Group A, who has entered the field. Coming in 4 matches, winning 3, drawing 1 game, it appears that they played together with fun and closeness, worthy of a big match, and finally it was the FCTOKYO team that even though they were leading before the first game. But they turned around and won the game 2-1 in a fun way (1-2 / 2-0 / 2-1).

However, before the semi-finals There was a very special Special Match between Pam Watalooknang, the ZERO_ONE tag team using the HOKKAIDO CONSADOLE SAPPORO team, the agency of "Check" Supachok Sarachat, competing with "Leesaw" Teerathep Winothai and T. -Alone who uses the URAWA RED DIAMONDS team, the agency of "Book" Ekanit Panya, to play, together with creating color and fun, releasing funny jokes from famous commentators and columnists in the football world like Bor. Boo in this special game as well. It turned out that the game ended as Pam Wathaluknang, tag team ZERO_ONE playing HOKKAIDO CONSADOLE SAPPORO, the agency of "Check" Supachok Sarachat, won in a very fun 2-1 game (1-0 / 2- 3 / 2-1)

Come back to compete in the semi-finals. Still dueling with the same rules, 2 out of 3 games will be tied on penalties to determine the winner who will advance to the finals.

The first pair is Worathit Dampitak (SMR14-) who plays on the VISSEL KOBE team, which is in form and plays with confidence. Meet the twister who is considered a dark horse to enter this round like Tonnam Daengcharoen (MFC_TonnaM) who plays for the KYOTO SANGA FC team. The results of the competition show that the two teams fought with each other for fun even though Tonnam Daengcharoen (MFC_TonnaM) for the KYOTO SANGA FC team Will be inferior but will fight with all our might. Didn't give up easily and was able to stretch to 3 games, but in the end lost to the veteranity and calmness of Worathit Dampitak (SMR14-), who played the VISSEL KOBE team for 1-2 fun games (2-3 / 1-1 points Penalty 5-4 / 1-3)

The second pair is Pannatat Sarawanphen (Pannatuct), who plays on the NAGOYA GRAMPUS team, which still maintains its own excellent standards. Meet one of the favorites of this competition, Thanakorn Jinda (CantonaRuay), who plays on the FCTOKYO team. The competition turns out to be extremely competitive, with Pannatat Sornwanphen (Pannatuct), who plays on the NAGOYA GRAMPUS team, being ahead in the first game. and Game 2 and Game 3 were also taken first. But they came back and overcame the last two games, winning 2-1 (0-3 / 2-2 on penalties, 5-4 / 3-2).

For the “Final Round” of the “eJ.LEAGUE THAILAND NEW GEN SERIES 2023” competition by the final pair. It was a meeting between Worathit Damphithak (SMR14-) who plays for the VISSEL KOBE team, which the more they play, the more aggressive their form becomes, like a club in the real world that just won the J.League championship in the 2023/24 season, meeting Pannathat Sorn. Wanpen (Pannatuct) who plays on the NAGOYA GRAMPUS team and uses her good form to knock out Thanakorn Jinda (CantonaRuay), a pro player, in the most fun way in the past round.

The competition turned out to be a close match between the two sides, worthy of the competition, but in the final moment it was Worathit Dampitak (SMR14-), who played with the sharper VISSEL KOBE team, winning before the first game with a score of 1-0.

In the second game, Worathit Dampitak (SMR14-) was still able to maintain his standard form and won again 2-1, making Worathit Dampitak (SMR14-), who played on the VISSEL KOBE team, win the championship. Virtual domination in the real world of the J.League season 2023/24 Ready to receive a prize of 80,000 baht, while Pannatuct Sarawanpen (Pannatuct), runner-up, received a prize of 40,000 baht.

While the 3rd place competitor, Thanakorn Jinda (CantonaRuay) who plays on the FCTOKYO team, beats Tonnam Daengcharoen (MFC_TonnaM) who plays on the KYOTO SANGA FC team 2-1 (3-2 /0-1 / 4-2) and receives a prize money of 20,000. baht, while the loser, Tonnam Daengcharoen, received a prize money of 10,000 baht.

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Source: Thai News Agency

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