Ex-privy councilor M.L. Usni Pramoj passes away

Former privy councilor Admiral M.L. Usni Pramoj died of lung cancer on Sunday afternoon. He was 82 and was survived by five children.

A Royal bathing rite will be held on Monday at 5 pm at Wat Benjamabopit followed by a Royally-sponsored funeral from Tuesday to Sunday with the exception of Chakri Day on April 6.

The former privy councilor was son of former prime minister M.R. Seni Pramoj and Thanpuing Usanee. He was married to Thanpuying Waraporn and had five children.

He received a Bachelor of Law from Oxford University and was a barrister at law at Grey Inn. He first joined government service working at the Judge Advocate Department of the Defence Ministry. Later on in 1968, he was appointed to work as manager of the Crown Property. In 1984, he was appointed privy councilor and promoted an admiral.

M.L. Usni was an accomplished musician, a violinist, a conductor and a song writer. He also one of the founders of Bangkok symphony orchestra and was named a national artist in western music.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)


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