“General Prayut” visits the Ratchaburi area on March 13.


BANGKOK, 12 March- “Tipanan” showcases the work of “Gen. Prayuth”, Thailand’s first cable-stayed railway bridge. almost complete Is a new landmark of the economic boom of Ratchaburi Yam the people of Ong prepare to welcome “Gen. Prayut” visited the area on March 13, bustling, emphasizing that he was a leader and really took action.


Ms. Tipanan Sirichana, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that according to Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. Accelerate the development of infrastructure to connect transportation routes. to increase competitiveness Integrate the rail system to be safe. Modern and time-saving to support travel, tourism, transport of goods and services, the latest, the first and longest extradosed bridge in Thailand. which is part of the project for the construction of a double-track railway on the southern line Nakhon Pathom – Chumphon In contract 1, Nakhon Pathom – Nong Pla Lai The construction progress is almost complete.

Ms. Tipanan said that when the cable-stayed railway bridge crosses the Mae Klong River, it will become a new tourist landmark in Ratchaburi Province. Due to its unique appearance from other railway bridges, it is also built parallel to the Chulalongkorn Railway Bridge. parallel to Chulalongkorn Bridge and Thanarat Bridge which has a long historical significance It will help stimulate the economy. employment And generate income for people in the area and nearby areas


“You can see that Gen. Prayut has made concrete progress. Along with solving problems in every dimension which in going to the area of ​​Ratchaburi Province On Monday, March 13, 2023, will follow the progress of various projects such as Main drainage system construction project to alleviate flooding in the Ban Pong community area, phase 1. Construction of a dam to protect the banks along the Mae Klong River. Khai Luang Bridge – Khao Ngu Bridge – Berk Phrai Landscape improvement project along the banks of the Mae Klong River Krairiksh Community Health Garden Performance results and building construction plans in Ban Pong Hospital A project to expand the road from 2 traffic lanes to 4 traffic lanes on the route of Nong Pla Mor Subdistrict – Khao Khlung Subdistrict Construction of a tunnel under Hua Pong intersection to solve traffic congestion problems help reduce accidents Including supporting the increasing traffic volume This makes the traffic more streamlined and helps reduce travel time as well, ”said Ms. Tipanan.

Ms. Tipanan said that at this time she knew that there were many people from Ratchaburi province. When he heard the news that the Prime Minister going to go to the government inspection want to welcome General Prayut This reflects the leadership that the people truly accept and do.


Source: Thai News Agency