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— Mindray Releases New Generation DC-70 Ultrasound System

SHENZHEN, China, September 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Mindray (NYSE:MR)announced its new generation DC-70 ultrasound System has been officially released worldwide. The system has been showcased for the first time at ISUOG in Barcelona during 14-17th September, and is scheduled for availability in the U.S. market in early 2015.

Mindray DC-70

Designed to be the most efficient workhorse in the mid-range segment, the DC-70 combines powerful and versatile diagnostic tools with a perfectly optimized user experience including a gesture-sensitive touch screen, delivering accurate diagnostics and high productivity along with high-quality patient care and utmost scanning comfort.

“The DC-70 has inherited the technology breakthroughs from our DC-8 and M9 and offers excellent image performance in the mid-range segment,” said Ms. Sarah Li, General Manager of the Medical Imaging System Business Unit. “Additionally, as a result of our relentless pursuit to improve scanning efficiency, the DC-70 offers an unprecedented ergonomic design and intuitive user-interface elements such as touch gestures. All these aspects combine to make the DC-70 the most efficient workhorse for the busy environment typical of today’s modern hospitals.”

Good image quality is of prime importance for accurate ultrasound diagnosis. The DC-70 offers that and a lot more.

Its unique touch gestures lets the ultrasound professional do more than they ever imagined, facilitating extremely fast and easy exams, putting patient care first through an exceptionally user-friendly experience. The 10.4″ gesture-sensitive multi-touch screen provides the ability to shift the image to and from the monitor, swipe to review different images, zoom in/out, measure, and initiate specific functions with user-defined gestures.

The clarity resulting from intrinsic advanced technologies with HR Flow & Echo Boost, greatly aids the detection of abnormalities and small pathologies with best-in-class image performance. With enhanced capabilities such as iLive and Natural Touch Elastography, the DC-70 provides more diagnostic confidence and versatility over a range of applications.

Ease-of-use tools, including a number of automatic function packages, help reduce scan time and enhance productivity with a greater focus on the patient. With MedTouch, the one-stop solution provides the practitioner with a smarter way to control the ultrasound device, and access patient data and built-in tutorial software via any android-operated smart device.

To learn more about the DC-70, please visit www.mindray.com.

Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140917/146653