Labour Minister Visits and Delivers Policies to Department of Labour Protection and Welfare


On December 7, 2020, at 14.30 hours, Labour Minister Mr. Suchart Chomklin presided over the delivery of policies to the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare executives as an operational guideline for the 2021 fiscal year. The occasion took place at the Nikom Chandravithu meeting room, 5th floor, Department of Labour Protection and Welfare. The Labour Minister said that he wished all government officials and staff members to work with determination, to their fullest ability. He said that officials must be proactive, adapting digital technology to support the work and facilitate service users and to drive the Ministry of Labour’s agenda policy to unite Thailand and build a nation, to strengthen the workforce concretely by allowing civil servants and officials in the department to look after and provide assistance to employees affected by the layoffs. This is especially true in the event of massive layoffs or shutdowns, which has impacted the workforce, to accelerate the process quickly to ensure that employees are fully entitled to legal benefits. The agencies must work together with the five labour leaders under the Ministry of Labour and other agencies outside the Ministry of Labour with relevant missions such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.
The Labour Minister also asked that officials pay attention to the labor union leaders’ claims and representatives facing unfair treatment. He asked the officials to use the principles of labour relations to solve the problems and consider the opinions of all concerned parties to use as a guideline for solving problems together, for all parties to coexist in harmony. In case of conflicts or labour gatherings, try to take care and stop any conflict as soon as possible, for the situation not to escalate. If officials cannot control the situation, to immediately coordinate with agencies to send experts to take care of and resolve problems in the area together. In addition, the situation in the area must be reported to management as soon as possible. In conclusion, the Labour Minister thanked and encouraged the executives, government officials and staff of the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare to perform their duties to the fullest capacity and drive to achieve the policy and vision of the government that is “committed to making Thailand a stable, prosperous and sustainable country as a developed country, aligning development with the philosophy of a sufficiency economy” in the future.


Source: Ministry of Labour

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