Lin Hui the panda may be pregnant: Chiang Mai zoo vets

Veterinarians at Chiang Mai zoo are hoping that giant panda Lin Hui is pregnant again from artificial insemination with semen from Chuang Chuang, a male panda in the same zoo.

Dr Boripat Siri-aroonrat, head of the panda research project of the Zoological Organizatoin, disclosed on Friday that urine tests showed increasing amount of progesterone hormone up to the level of 185 nanogramme.

He, however, said that ultrasound test scheduled on April 24 or 25 will determine whether Lin Hui is actually pregnant.

Lin Hui has been separated from the exhibition zone for more than two months now so that it can live in an environment close to nature in preparation to become mother.

Lin Hui gave birth to a panda named Lin Ping.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)