Thai consular official meets DIP deputy chief to discuss paintings theft

The Thai consular official in Osaka met for the first time with Mr Supat Sa-nguandeekul, deputy director-general of the Intellectual Property Department, to discuss the latter’s alleged theft of three hotel paintings in Kyoto, Mr Sek Wannamethi, spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, said on Friday.

The official also discussed with the Japanese prosecutor about the legal proceedings and was told that, in accordance with Japanese justice procedure, Mr Supat would be held in police detention for 10 days in Kyoto before the case proceeds to the court.

During the meeting with the consular official, Sek said Mr Supat admitted his wrongdoing and agreed to pay the hotel for the three paintings worth altogether 15,000 yen that he took from the hotel that he stayed.

The spokesman added that the accused lawyer and consular official would ask the Japanese court to release the suspect so he can return to Thailand before his visa expires.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)


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